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EasyHear Hearing Centre
Room 1711
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Opening hours
Monday:  0930-1300 ; 1400-1800 
Tuesday:  0930-1300 ; 1400-1800 
Wednesday:   0930-1300 ; 1400-1800 
Thursday:  0930-1300 ; 1400-1800 
Friday:   0930-1300 ; 1400-1800 
Saturday:  0930-1300 ; 1400-1700 
Sunday and Public Holidays:  Closed


3168 4888

Elderly Health Care Voucher
Not Accept
Professional qualifications

Soundproof audiological test room is well within international (ANSI) Standards Standard testing equipment is used for audiological assessments

Professional Qualifications:
All the audiologists are graduates of master degree or above in Audiology and members of Hong Kong Society of Audiology

Accepted the following Medical Card
Not Accept
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