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Dr Luk
Headaches may originate from spinal problems?

Headache is common for many of us leading a fast-pace life. People deal with it nonchalantly –  "I have a headache again today. I’ll pop a pain killer for that". Have we ever wondered, though, what actually causes the headache? Fatigue, flu or lack of sleep?

Did you know that headaches may be linked to the spine? There are different types of headaches, such as migraine, tension headache, cervicogenic headache or hypertension headache. 

Cervicogenic headache is caused by issues linked to the neck structures and/or soft tissues, most often related to the misalignment of top 3 cervical. 

The common symptoms of cervicogenic headaches are:

1. The pain intensity is mild to medium, which usually lasts a few hours 

2. Neck muscle spasm 

3. Neck movement affects the pain

4. Tension on both sides of the head

5. No symptoms of light sensitivity or nausea

Cervicogenic headache can be cured if the real causes are clearly identified. With chiropractic therapy, treatment starts with ensuring proper alignment of the cervical spine, relaxing neck muscles and freeing the associated nerves from compression. This type of headache can be cured with minimum efforts. 

The above information is provided by Dr Luk Ka Bo, Janis.